A Dark Horse Campaign

Americans like two things: underdogs and winners. This is not a contradiction. You can have a strong case for winning and still pass yourself off as the underdog if you have good PR or just a slightly different background than people have gotten accustomed to. And if you genuinely are an underdog, well you have to build and sustain a narrative for your victory (against all odds, of course) or people will drop you in an instant which is one reason why you get all those embarrassing blog posts and articles making really wild hypotheticals for how X can still win or how X dissolved the corporation that had replaced the US government in the 19th century and so will be returned to power after blah blah blah. 

This obsession with winning elections, which has become an “at all cost” proposition, has turned into a huge problem for our country and frankly, it’s loser talk. Because it’s mutated from a desire for sweet, sweet victory into a fear of losing. America, you cannot fear to lose. Losing over and over and over again is what built this great nation because when you lose you either fade away or you come back stronger than ever. Winning is an iterative process and it starts by losing.That’s why Step One of the Dark Horse campaign is Lose. 

Winning is what the politicians focus on, it’s the only thing that they think matters. Yes, elections matter, our government has a real and meaningful impact on our lives for good or ill and who leads that government will dictate performance to a degree. But government isn’t where the power is, nor is it money or fame. The true locus of power is in our human networks. There are so many ways to influence human networks, government, money, and fame being just a few. However, America is somewhat unique among nations in being defined by our system of government, above all else we are defined by democracy. Other nations merely adopted democracy whereas we were born into it. 

As such, in the United States, the quickest and most effective path for rewiring human networks is through the campaign. Whereas politicians campaign to win office, the Dark Horse seeks office so as to campaign. Meaningless to some, for sure. All politicians must campaign (unless they manage to rig elections in their favor as many do via gerrymandering) and some of those campaigns ultimately manifest in a network busting mass movement. Nevertheless, modern campaigns have optimized themselves over centuries for the exclusive purpose of winning elections (or being a protest candidate or an issues candidate or other such weak willed nonsense). 

The Dark Horse Campaign optimizes along other lines. Our opponents are fundamentally incapable of adapting to us. They’ve reached a local maximum and one step in any direction is death valley. The only move now is to leap. Our strategy is an open book. Knowing it cannot prevent it. Understanding it only drives us further. Don’t miss out.


Ohio has all the key components for an economic and technological juggernaut. We’re already entered into many of the industries that will dominate the 21st century including aviation, energy, education, and health care. What we require is a vision of the future that can bind us together and drive us forward. Something to strive for. 

The Dark Horse campaign is all about vision. A vision of an Ohio ascendant. A vision in which we rise from fifty years of economic and political stagnation, a vision in which we grow from our rust belt roots (not leave it behind, own the rust belt), a vision of equitable, broadbased, and sustained growth that benefits our small cities and villages, a vision of Ohioan dominion over the Earth. 

Ohio will lead a world of abundance. By midcentury we will be without hunger, we will be without poverty, we will reach beyond the Earth and into the stars. We will be a society that guarantees freedom, choice, and opportunity for all its citizens.This is not an unbelievable dream, these are not delusions, these aspirations are achievable. 

The innovations to enable this future are well underway and an inevitability in the medium to long-term. What matters now is how quickly we capitalize on and embrace them. Will Ohio lead this future or will we be dragged along once again, subject to the whims of an unruly and unforgiving world? 

Throughout this campaign we will elaborate and clarify this vision. Explain in detail how it can be implemented, why Ohio is poised to enact it, and how disparate and eclectic fields and policies overlap to facilitate a world that may seem inconceivable today. A vision should be simple, articulate, and memorable but there is much to be done here and ideas take time to gain traction in our minds as we build the context for them to take root. 

For now, the key word is abundance. Our future is abundance.


Ohio is so full of potential. What holds us back? What holds you back? The answer is fear. I know you Ohio, I know your fear. It is deep and abiding and ubiquitous. You fear the future, you fear your present, you fear the unknown, you fear the unknowable, you fear your own inadequacies, you fear failure, you fear each other, you fear yourself. 

Fear has driven us to the brink. It has convinced us to turn against each other, to turn against our country, to turn against ourselves. We seek solace in the mob, in the mass movement, in the security that comes with anonymity. Sacrificed individual thought and the responsibility it entails for the simplicity of demagoguery and ideology. Sought escape from our self-inflicted isolation in the cold embrace of a collective, a tribe, a place to belong. And in doing so cast aside your values, spat on your neighbor, wished death and worse upon your fellow citizens. 

Shame drives you on. Hate becomes your cause. You live in an evil world populated by evil beings meting out evil ends because if you didn’t then you’d have to admit that you were just a bad person in a world of mediocrity who never lived up to your own expectations. Fantasies of civil war and finally owning your political enemies We’re not going to sugarcoat this Ohio, you’re in deep and you’re about out of options. You’ve messed up, you’ve gone to a dark place. But in that Darkness, at your lowest moment, you’ve found the Dark Horse. Congratulations. 

There is no need to fear, Ohio, the Dark Horse offers you freedom from fear. The Dark Horse offers redemption. You will not be bound by your past but animated by it. You will have a community and not a mob. You will retain a sense of identity distinct from your loyalties while maintaining healthy social groups. 

That’s right, 33% of this campaign is just self-help seminars, support groups, and team building exercises. We’re sorry it’s come to this but you’ve got a real morale problem around here and we’ve got to fix it. By the end of this 57 step election campaign and self-improvement program you’ll find your purpose and your place. Not one we give to you, we’re not yet another messianic campaign asking you to be a loyal footsoldier in a glorious crusade for good and justice or another of that bullshit, no we’re here to help you be the best you you can gosh darn well be. All of this other election stuff, the campaign of great unpredictability, the policy proposals for efficient taxation and capital expenditures and Ohio’s ascendancy; that’s all about you, all for you, to put you on the best footing to be you. 

Sounds insane? Absolutely. But you know what? The Dark Horse believes in you. Believe in Us.


Website, platform, persona, candidate, and level of seriousness subject to change at any time and without warning (apart from this warning which remains subject to change (which is made less funny by adding parentheses which appear to break character (but maybe with a third))).