Ohio Politics

As excerpted from The Plan To Save Ohio (published July 2019) My apologies for going off on a mildly philosophical tangent. While I spend considerable time exploring the intellectual underpinnings of different social designs, I’ve yet to fully develop an internally consistent conception of the world. So I’m jumping the gun a bit when IContinue reading “Ohio Politics”

A New Political Party

This campaign was founded on a simple vision: that a different sort of politics is possible. Over the course of this campaign I met many people who shared that vision and people who were working to make that vision a reality.  There is an appetite for change in Ohio. People are sick of government dysfunction,Continue reading “A New Political Party”

Dayton Daily News Candidate Survey

The Dayton Daily News reached out to me to fill out their candidate survey. They then chose not to publish my response and to ONLY publish the response of the Democratic candidate, Nan Whaley. While this is a completely reasonable though entirely undemocratic thing to do, it did take time for me to formulate myContinue reading “Dayton Daily News Candidate Survey”

Excerpt On Energy From the Soon to be Unfinished Plan To Save Ohio

Energy Energy. In a very literal sense, absolutely nothing can happen without it. Everything that is or ever was on Earth would succumb to entropy and cease to be without the constant input of massive amounts of energy from the sun. All life depends on inputs of energy. All the accomplishments of humanity rely uponContinue reading “Excerpt On Energy From the Soon to be Unfinished Plan To Save Ohio”