On Losing

First we lose. We lose because it’s inevitable. There is absolutely nothing we can do to avert this loss. And it’s not going to be a close loss, we’re not going to be contenders, we aren’t going to go the distance, there is zero chance of a miracle. This is not an underdog story, this is a story about losers who lose big and lose hard. And that’s okay. Because we’re losing in this hopeless, decimating way to make clear that it’s not about winning and it’s 100% okay to lose. 

Despite what every politician is telling you, it’s not the end of the world. This election is not the end all be all. Democracy doesn’t die if we lose because that’s not how democracy works. Losing an election will never really cost us our liberty and democracy, it will never cost us our country. An election might be the death knell but it will never be the cause. Because we are the imperfect masters of our fate, the members of a society determine the nature of that society. 

Making decisions based around a fear of losing and a fear of your enemies winning is leading to increasingly poor outcomes. A fear of losing drives people to vote against their own interests and preference, vote for candidates they know to be deeply flawed and even dangerous, and even to go so far as storming the US Capitol with the goal of destroying American democracy so they can never lose again. Fear of losing is what will be the end of American democracy. 

So we’re going to lose and there’s no doubting it. It won’t be close. Do not hope, do not believe, do not dare to dream. If you’re not ready to join a hopeless cause and fight like hell to the bitter, preordained end, the Dark Horse Campaign is not the campaign for you. 

If you are ready, if you’re with us, welcome. We believe hopeless causes are worth fighting for, delight in them, in fact. We believe that perfection can never be achieved but something better is always possible. We believe that in the pursuit of the impossible we realize our full potential. We’re not campaigning for votes, we’re campaigning for minds. To convince people of the inherent value of democracy and liberty. To demonstrate that Americanism: our form of government, our aspirations, and our values; remains strong and is worth defending. To establish a culture of goodwill, relentless self-improvement (as a nation and as individuals), and mutual respect. 

It’s not about winning, winning is for other people who live their lives in perpetual, hysterical fear of losing. It’s about that one moment, when the eyes of the world are upon you, when you command everyone’s attention, and can finally, at long last, deliver your monologue. Ideas never die.