Timothy Grady
(Not AI Generated)

Timothy Grady is an experienced candidate, organizer, and campaign manager but politics is neither his career nor his passion. He believes that he can do something for Ohio and so believes that he then must do something. Why THIS “campaign” is what he chose to do with his time and talents is beyond the understanding of his mother, his college professors, and himself. 

Timothy is definitely a real person and meets the necessary qualifications to act as the legal entity through which the concept that is The Dark Horse can manifest onto the ballot in November. Grady has absolutely no personal desire to run for office, to participate in public speaking (but one to one or small group conversations are always a delight), nor to bear the burden of being the only serious, independent, and centrist choice in Ohio’s gubernatorial campaign. Politics simply is not for him but someone had to do it. Yes, had to. 

While not so interested in politics, Timothy does have a passion for economics, policy, and innovation. If running the Dark Horse campaign for governor of Ohio allows him to bring new ways of thinking about the economy into the general debate, all the better. But the Dark Horse campaign is about much more than policy, it’s about the spirit of democracy. Politics in a democratic society should be fun, civil, and open to everyone. Timothy is most definitely having fun with this and invites you to do the same. 

Timothy is a deeply flawed individual and who is far from being the leader Ohio needs right now. While there is a case to be made that he is one of the more intelligent candidates for governor (not exactly an assembly of Ohio’s top minds is all I’m saying), it is more than overcome by his sheer lack of executive experience. But he’s great in a support role. Which is why he spends his days searching, always searching, for the candidates Ohio deserves.